hamlet, like shakespeare:

"i built my own legacy, a legend"

he said that to me one day after class
while we were walking to the next one in our to-do list;
he went on without me having to ask him to

"i am living out the name of a fictional character,
i’m living his fate right now”

i asked him how because
i didn’t see any ghosts or a 
power hungry uncle who took his father’s throne

it was always winter when he was around

he told a girl named Mariah how
her curvy lips were exactly as they should always be
but she was too busy trying to reach
the back of his throat to hear
what lips were made for 

then he met a boy with kaleidoscope eyes at a party
and met other empty bottles and crushed cans

i think he tried to smash them so
they can be recycled and be something more
eco-friendly, but they waved their hands away
so my dear hamlet scarred his hands with
chipped glasswares and moans

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